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Black Bear
One of the questions we get frequently is, “What types of animals live on Ocracoke?” Over the years, various types of domesticated livestock have been pastured here, but as far as wild animals, the selection generally is small and they tend to hide themselves away. We have plenty of turtles […]

Island Critters

Old and new leaves
In most other towns in North Carolina, people realize when fall is coming without even looking at a calendar. The deciduous trees start changing colors, gradually at first and then in huge bursts, spreading from the mountains down through the foothills and coming to a complete and abrupt stop at […]

Ocracoke’s Live Oaks

Ocracoke Hatteras Ferry (1024x576)
On Thursday I had a dentist appointment. Previous appointments had been cancelled due to scheduling difficulties and I was determined to make it this time. As Thursday drew near, I realized that forecast wind speeds for Thursday could very well cause interruptions in the ferry schedule leading to yet another […]

A Journey to the Dentist

New Fire Dept Dedication
This year is the 50th anniversary of the Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department. The organization has changed dramatically in its short life span. It has needed to adapt to accommodate the dramatic increase in building and traffic on the island. Before the inception of the OVFD, if there was a fire […]

Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department

Coffee by the Sea
Yesterday I drank coffee…too many cups of coffee. As a result I lay in bed last night with my brain wide awake but my body desperately wanting to get some sleep. Luckily, as my brain buzzed and whirred thinking up lists of things to do the next day, it also […]

A Cup of Joe

Ocracoke Lighthouse
Kids growing up on Ocracoke tend to have more freedoms than kids in larger towns and cities. As a result, island children who are roaming the island, hanging out with friends, and working at family run businesses often have a fair number of interactions with visitors in the summer. One […]

How do you get to the Lighthouse?

Kids on Bikes,1955
Biking on Ocracoke is one of the best ways to tour the village. On the narrow streets and dirt paths, bikes are the perfect way to take in the scenery, breathe the salt air and connect with your surroundings. When we think of biking on Ocracoke, it seems only natural […]


Shells Scotch
Everyone who visits Ocracoke has a favorite activity. For some it’s visiting our museum, for others it’s eating great food, riding the best wave, listening to local music, meeting interesting new people or just enjoying the soft sound of water lapping against the shoreline. I love all these Ocracoke activities, […]

Shelling on Ocracoke

Who remembers the “Howard Bachelors” sign that used to hang in a cedar tree on Howard Street? One of our Facebook fans asked about it recently, so I decided to track it down, not a hard task since my father (one of the bachelors) has it. The sign was created […]

The Howard Bachelors Sign

We would like to welcome all of our new Ocracoke Preservation followers to the fresh new site, we hope you will enjoy the new updated look and added new features like this blog, Online exhibits that will rotate monthly, updated Events calendar & a larger online store! We have also […]

Welcome to our new website!!