The Howard Bachelors Sign

by opsmuseum

Howard Bachelor SignWho remembers the “Howard Bachelors” sign that used to hang in a cedar tree on Howard Street? One of our Facebook fans asked about it recently, so I decided to track it down, not a hard task since my father (one of the bachelors) has it. The sign was created and installed as a prank by a family friend (Marty) in the early 1990s. At that time, my father (Philip), grandfather (Lawton) and brother (Stefen) all lived side by side on Howard Street. My brother was just out of college and had not yet gotten married, my divorced father was charming and now available, and my widowed grandfather always had a twinkle in his eye and a hug for the ladies. Marty conceived of the sign after realizing that the three Howard bachelors were a topic of many conversations. On an island where limited dating options exist, having three eligible bachelors was news to be shared! The sign was only up for a couple of years, but during that time, the bachelors enjoyed the notoriety of being the sign’s subjects. Many, many visitors would stroll down Howard Street to find it, and my grandfather was quick to sneak out of his house to photobomb their photos.  It was a quirky inside joke that everyone got to enjoy.

Howard Sign, Marty in Tree Howard Bachelors PhilipSign2016c
Marty hanging the bachelor sign Philip, Lawton and Stefen Howard The last Howard bachelor

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