Online Exhibit November 2015

November 2015 Exhibit The Ocracoke Library

At one time the Ocracoke Library was the tiniest in the Nation. While it no longer holds that title, its history runs deep.

Ocracoke School 1930sAs early as the 1930s Ocracoke had a small library associated with the schoolhouse. There was even a mobile unit at one time. During the 1970s a trailer was installed near the school to house library books. By 1976 Hyde County opened an 8′ x 10′ one-room library behind the Fire House. It was said to be the smallest public library in the US, with just 3000 volumes. Marguerite Boos served as librarian until it closed in 1996, the year that our new Ocracoke School and Community Library opened its doors on the Back Road, across from the Coffee Company.




Library -Raup Collection


In 1998 the old library was auctioned off and moved to private property where it was used as the main building for a home-based school. At that time the present library, a combination school and public facility, was built. Connected by internet to major libraries in North Carolina, most books are available, either on shelves here or by inter-library loan.




Current LibraryToday’s Library is now near the School on the Back Road. They have 4 desktop computers as well as 3 laptops available for use by patrons. Ocracoke Library is part of the Beaufort/Hyde/Martin Regional Library system, which serves those three counties. We have the highest per capita rate of residents checking out books.


Margureitte Boos in the 96 sq ft Library


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