Inside the Museum

Come on in! Take a step back in time. This is just a lsmall taste of what you can see when you visit the Museum, changes to the room are made annually in the off season so that we can bring you a fresh new look for your return visit. You may click on the photo to see an enlargement.

Kitchen Brogue Room Bedroom
 See how Ocracoke and Portsmouth island kitchens looked back in the early 1900’s from the painted birch table, Pie Safe, old oil stove, dishes and bottles from that era as well. All items are local from this area.  The Brogue room features a running video of how the Ocracoker’s talked, a unique island dialect like no other. There is also a vast display of local carvings, shells & book collection.  The Bedroom is filled with antique furnishings from the Dixon home on Portsmouth Island, a crib and some women’s clothing from the 30’s. Our annual quilt that we raffle adorns the bed.
OPS Kitchen OPS Brogue Room     
Parlor Maritime Room Library
 The parlor is a beautiful room with a wonderful organ, cabinets filled with artifacts, a gorgeous star quilt and plenty of information about old Ocracoke.  Our Maritime Room features most of the Nautical Collection from Carved boat models, Navy memorabilia, Coast Guard artifacts, some items salvaged from the Aleta Mail Boat too.  Our Library is upstairs and while it is not part of the Museum tour, it is the epicenter of much of our archiving. This is also where our digital Media specialists works on digitalizing all this material into a museum software.
OPS Maritime Room OPS Library