OPS Art Auction 2018

The 2018 OPS “Ocracoke Through Your Eyes” Art Auction is on January 27th from 5-7 pm. We will also accept online bids.

Online Bidding Instructions
Online bidding has begun for our 2018 Art Auction! If you have a bid you want to place, please send an email to admin@ocracokepreservation.org. A bid must be received in email form to be valid. We will not be accepting bids by phone, text message or Facebook comments.
Bidding starts at $10.00 and should be made in $5.00 increments. Make sure you include the number, title, artist and amount you want to bid.
I will update the bids in the comment section of each piece of art (bid amounts only, no names) and also add your bid to the bid sheet of each piece here at the museum.
Online bids will be accepted until midnight, Friday, January 26th 2018.
Live bidding will start at 5:00 pm at the museum on Saturday, January 27th, 2018 at which time the highest online bid will become the starting bid for the live event.
Any winning canvases from online bids will be sent to the winner with a $5 shipping charge added.

Check the album often to see new pieces and new bids.
Thank you and good luck!!!

This link will take you to an online album of the artwork offered for 2018.

You can also view the artwork at our Facebook page.