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Sundae Horn Biography

Sundae came to Ocracoke on vacation in 1990, and knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life on Ocracoke. She moved to the island in 1992, and then met her husband, Rob Temple, in 1993. Together, they bought the William and Lillian Jackson house (#69 in the Historic District) and settled down to raise their family. They have three kids, a dog, a cat, a hamster, and a beta fish.


Sundae has been writing about Ocracoke since 1996, and has published stories in local papers as well as "Our State" magazine. Sundae started working on the Mullet Wrapper in 2004, and enjoys collaborating with everybody at OPS. When Sundae is not working on Ocracoke-inspired articles, she also writes about her kids and about books, mostly in her own newsletter, Ex Libris.


Rob and Sundae are regular performers in the Ocrafolk Opry and can be heard on all three Ocrafolk Sampler CDs. Rob is also known as “The Rumgagger” – a teller of nautical tall tales. He’s frequently found at the OPS Museum giving Porch Talk performances along with Fiddlin’ Dave Tweedie.


In Sundae's spare time she likes to garden, quilt, and walk on the beach, but mostly she lies on the couch and reads.