Ocracoke Preservation Society
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Land Trust Committee

Mission Statement

To evaluate and recommend action on acquiring or accepting gifts of real estate and real property, and manage these holdings in accordance with the society's mission of preservation and restoration as guided by the Standards and Practices of the Land Trust Alliance.

Committee Duties

  1. The Land Trust Committee shall be the initial reviewer of all prospective requests for real estate donations, conservation easements, bequests, or other issues involving real estate or real property for OPS.
  2. A meeting of the Committee members shall be held to examine and evaluate issues and requests using the following guidelines:
    1. Assess the feasible management or receivership of prospective real estate
    2. Assess the need for management funds as part of request
    3. Consult with professionals
    4. Assess the plan for any real estate to be managed or received per the following categories:
      1. highly protected in natural state
      2. historical protection
      3. protection per owner designation
      4. restoration
      5. sale potential
  3. The Land Trust Committee shall present a written report and recommendation to the OPS Executive Committee.
  4. The Land Trust Committee shall draft a letter of response to owners as per the OPS Executive Committee decisions and directions

Committee Responsibilities

Plan for Management of Land

  • The Land Trust Committee will establish a review of files for all current real estate holdings and land trusts on an annual basis. Files will be maintained showing copies of all maps, deeds, pictures and pertinent information on each parcel under OPS supervision. The OPS Executive Committee will receive written notice of the annual field updates at a designated board meeting.
  • The Land Trust Committee may recruit personnel to perform the necessary tasks, fieldwork, and written documentation needed to update each file.
  • The Land Trust Committee will evaluate and assess financial needs necessary for proper stewardship of lands and make recommendations to the Executive Committee.

Plan for Endangered Properties

  • The Land Trust Committee will maintain an active list of properties and/or areas that are considered "Endangered".
  • The Land Trust Committee will seek to investigate, make contacts, and devise preservation efforts for protecting these natural and historic properties.

Plan for Education of the Public

  • The Land Trust Committee will work to educate property owners as to the advantages of conservation options available through OPS:
    • Plan for future seminars on preservation options
    • Prepare and have available packets of information for interested parties.
  • The Land Trust Committee will raise the public's awareness of the importance of OPS's mission to preserve contributing structures and property on Ocracoke:
    • Newspaper articles
    • Feature land conservation information on the OPS website.

Committee Members

Dallie Turner - Chair

Dale Mutro

Trudy Clark

Annette Spadaro

Ed Norvell – Consultant



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